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FIFA 18 Legend of the reason Zaghi: off-line ghost, you now flies well


2018/2/27 11:20:00   
Recently, the game FIFA 18 new Icons SBC mission on the line, high with Inzaghi came.

Inzaghi, Italy, born August 9, 1973, Leo, has played for Juventus, AC Milan and other wealthy, in his 21-year career, he participated in a total of 694 official games scored 316 balls, won the World Cup 1, 3 Serie A titles, 2 Champions League, 2 European Super Cup, 1 World Club Championship.

He is full of legendary football career, his handsome face, he moved erratic, keenly sense of smell, he shot tricky, he was the forefront of the international football phenomenon God.
Not so much a forward as a ghost, he was born on the offside line and lived there for a long time. All think forward is in need of luck, but because of Zajir, theres no luck and all of them are capable. These are the football players on Inzaghi evaluation, from the evaluation we can see that Inzaghi is a heterogeneous, he is a natural shooter, an offside line, as a business line and even lifeline.

In the FIFA 18 game, Inzaghi with a total rating of 90, 1 meter tall and 81, weight 74 kg, the strongest station (96) and reaction (91), Inzaghi offensive awareness, pick in the midfield (96 ) And Jianpiao ability is very strong, excellent kick hit 95, two-speed barely pass, he dribbling and doing the ball in general, it is recommended that players do not regularly use him to bring the ball.

We can take a look at Inzaghis usage test through the video below (from YouTube):
The major platforms, making a high with Inzaghi need about 500,000 gold or so
Inzaghi is now the coach of Venice, the team currently ranked seventh in the Serie B, looking forward to in the near future, we can see that is known as Super Pippo, Ji Yes led his unit Serie A Serie A .


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