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SteamVR Beta for Oculus Dash support in Rift users can begin in any VR games


2018/1/16 11:10:00   

Oculus Dash stacks in the current experience, allows the user to quickly switch to the next application, or remain in the current application view the chat software, desktop, etc. According to the latest news, Rift users can use in SteamVR platform soon Oculus Dash.


The latest SteamVR can now fully supports in Rift user applications in the current view Oculus Dash. After SteamVR platforms in Rift, if need to look at other applications have to launch the application; However, after the Dash, Steam of VR platform in Rift users can start in any VR games, including complete Library and Store the menu, and can be directly in front of you, rather than to transfer you to another room. This allows the user interactions with the Dash more smoothly, also means that if you need to browse the store or start a new application, you will not need to leave the current game.
Run the Dash will serve as a covering layer within the existing Oculus VR software. This allows users to browse the library game, chat with friends, and use the PC application. Oculus want multitasking operating more easily, and make more intuitive navigation files.
The Oculus said, they are at the hardware level to build the real virtual display, so when you run multiple applications and window, all will have complete graphical fidelity and performance. Users can seize the individual window, place them in any position, resize and move them to work for infinite space.
OpenVR upgrade to the latest version of the SDK SteamVR allowed in the Dash and the currently running application to the appropriate depth.
Players just enter beta SteamVR immediately update the system. Is for those who have stable version of the players, will be seen in the next update. Only in Rift users can access the Dash, because it is the Oculus platform.
V, according to new updates to the club still promised to support on SteamVR Rift, and hope to be able to developers keep the platform open for the user.


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