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Three DC rappers make Madden 18 soundtrack


2017/8/12 16:15:00   

WASHINGTON   - Chaz French, 26, is a rapper who has been busting rhymes since seven.
'You never know when your time is going to come,' French said.
French and two other artist from the D.C. area -- Goldlink and Logic -- had their songs chosen for the Madden Football 18 soundtrack.
'When I first heard myself on the radio it was just like wow. I am on the radio you know like you always dream to be on the radio,  French remembered. You never -- just because you are on the radio does not necessarily mean you going to end up on a video game. To end up on a video game is just another milestone. It is a blessing.'
People have been playing the game, Madden, since the 80s.
It has made some changes over the years -- like adding popular music.
Chaz plays the game and knows thousands of people buy it all over the country.
His song mentions the Redskins and Cowboys rivalry in D.C.
Our rivalry is history, French said. Its classic. I do not think there is no other rivalry like it. It is only right. 
Most of all Chaz French is glad D.C. music is being put on the map.
It just goes to show the rest of the world that like we are on time. Like we are on the way. We are coming up,  he said.


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