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Home >> News >> www.cheapmmogold.com FIFA 18 glitch allows on-loan players to be traded in Career Mode

www.cheapmmogold.com FIFA 18 glitch allows on-loan players to be traded in Career Mode


2017/10/9 14:02:00   
This glitch allows gamers who like to play with clubs with lesser financial means, to prosper in FIFA 18 Career Mode.

EA Sports is one of the most powerful gaming franchise in the world with popular games like FIFA, NFL, and many more are all associated to the brand. Hence, it is hard to expect a major glitch in the game from a company of that stature. However, FIFA has suffered a major embarrassment after a major glitch was discovered in the FIFA 18 career mode.

Essentially, this glitch allows the FIFA manager to get a swap deal for a player, who he has signed on a loan deal

The problem with this is that a player, who has been signed on loan, is actually contracted to his parent club. Hence, the club that has signed the player on loan, does not have the right to sell (or barter) the player.

For example, consider you are playing a career mode with Bayern Muinch in which you have James Rodriguez, playing on-loan from Real Madrid. As per the rule, you do not have the right to sell him to any other club.

However, this glitch allows you to swap him for another player, who will become a permanent player for your club.

Just one day after the official release of FIFA 18, EA Sports was facing a major embarrasement due to the release of the cracked version of FIFA on torrent websites. Now, news of this glitch has just added fuel to the fire and had become a major cause of concern for them!

FIFA was known for some in-game silly player and technical glitches, but this Career Mode gllitch is one of a kind. This glitch can be very handy when playing with teams with lower budget, where you can reduce the transfer fee of any player you want in your team by providing him with a swap option of giving a player, who has been signed on loan.

EA Sports have been informed about the glitch and they would soon be releasing a patch to improve on their mistake.And if you dont want that glitch to be removed then do not apply the next patch in your game..

EA Sports has a lot to do before the release of their next FIFA game.They need to find a new anti-tamper technology and also improve on the lag issues faced by PC gamers and mainly by gamers who have AMD processors.

And also they need to hire new game testers, so that they can throroughly check the game before its release.

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